Monday, November 13, 2017

Battery Safety

When it comes to battery safety, this is not a topic we take lightly at Vaping Crimson.  Contrary to what the media likes to tell you, injuries you've seen connected to vaping were from user error.  It's VERY important to know how to maintain and understand how to use batteries correctly and to use a regulated device that knows when the power source is sufficient or overloading a device.  Don't use mechanical mods, yes we went there, there are too many inexperienced users out there playing with things they don't understand.  At Vaping Crimson we believe being safe is the number one concern for all people vaping, therefore we do not suggest EVER using a non-regulated mod.  I won't apologize for that stance so if it's against your opinion, that's your choice, not ours.

With that opinion out of the way, how can you make sure that your batteries are safe to use, charged correctly, and rested enough to put into your REGULATED device?   First, make sure you buy your batteries from a reputable source, we prefer IMR for that.   Make sure you read the manual for your device and understand what type of battery it needs.  Inspect your batteries for any signs of wear and tear and if you notice small tears, DO NOT USE that battery until you have changed the battery wrap or purchased a new set.  Period!  End of story. 

Allow your batteries to charge fully then rest (do not use them) for eight hours after charging.  Yes, you will need extra batteries on hand to do this, and yes it is worth it.  A fresh, fully charged battery, is a source of power, that power needs time to rest before placing it inside your regulated device.  Mark your batteries immediately after bringing them home if your device takes two (or more) and keep those same two batteries together for every use.  By marking, I do not mean tear them, I mean use a sharpie to write a number on them that goes with the other one.  They are now married and shall forever live together in battery matrimony.

Batteries should NEVER be kept outside of a case (unless they are inside your device).  A battery case will stop any shorts that may happen when put next to coins or other objects.  The last thing you want is loose batteries in your pocket, purse, or anywhere else, they ARE a power source and should be treated with respect to keep you safe.   DO NOT use batteries if they are hot!  Yes, batteries may get warm but should NEVER be hot. If your battery is hot, put it in a safe place where you can be sure if it vents it won't harm you, or anyone (thing) around you. 

Batteries HATE extreme temperatures.  Keep them away from cold or hot exposure.  If you wouldn't want your pet or child exposed to a certain temperature, then don't expose your battery to it. Batteries that have fallen on a hard surface need to be inspected for wear and tear.  If in doubt, replace!  Replace your batteries after one year or before if you notice them not charging like they did when new, or they are taking a longer time frame to charge.  Erring on the side of caution is always the smart idea when it comes to battery safety.

Working with batteries can be safe as long as you take the time to understand them.  Use these tips above and you'll have a better understanding of how to safely use batteries in your regulated device. 


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