Sunday, September 24, 2017

Stop Making Excuses and Pick Up That Vape!

There's never going to be a better time to quit, than right now!  You know smoking is horrible for you.  If you can afford a carton of cigarettes, you can afford a new mod and e-liquid to get you started.  I hear these excuses all the time:  I've tried to quit with other things before, this will never work for me, I don't have the willpower to quit, it's too expensive to try vaping.  Those excuses will land you in an early grave eventually, so tell yourself right now I'm going to quit by vaping!  Once you have that firmly set in your mind, make it happen!

You don't need some fancy new mod to begin your journey.  Vape shops have to make a profit, but you can find your starter kit online, paying no more than you would for that carton of cigarettes you've been purchasing every week!  You owe it to yourself and those that love you, to be around for years to come, stop letting those cigarettes cost you your life because you deserve better!

The new starter kit from Aspire is $39.99 (tank and mod) it's the perfect setup for a beginner and affordable to boot!  If you can't afford that, then try the eLeaf Icare for $17.90 here that's a budget way to start vaping and leave those stinking cigarettes behind.  Pair either of those up with an e-liquid with a nicotine level that will meet your cravings, and the only thing not stopping you from smoking is you!

If you're serious about quitting, then this is the answer you've been waiting for!  I know because I smoked 30+ years and quit easily by vaping.  All those nights of coughing or days of not being able to walk up a flight of stairs from being out of breath can be behind you!  Do your lungs a favor, and make the switch.  Not only did I quit smoking, but so did my mother.  Every excuse in the world isn't going to help you kick that habit!  You have to make up your mind to do it and then take the next step.  I believe in you!  I believe in vaping!  It's time you put those cigarettes down for good and become an ex-smoker.

Both of the kits listed above are mouth to lung kits.  Basically, that means you pull the vapor into your mouth then into your lungs, which is going to be very familiar to you as a smoker.  I don't recommend sub ohm (pulling directly into your lungs) tanks for a beginner, and I believe that's why some new people fail at vaping.  I don't think you need to go out and spend a hundred dollars for a starter kit either.  Let's get you off the cigarettes and you can worry about getting fancy later!

The nicotine level you need to fulfill your cravings is going to vary.  Since we are using a mouth to lung tank we can start at higher nicotine levels and gradually work our way down later.  This is a guide, you'll soon be able to judge what your body needs.  For a heavy smoker (two packs a day or more) you may need to start at 18 or 24mg of nicotine in your liquid (check out because they still carry those levels of nicotine for new vapers) A pack a day smoker, you'd probably be fine with 12 mg of nicotine to begin with.  Half a pack a day smoker?  6 mg of nicotine.  This is a guideline only!  If you find yourself craving to light up, get a nicotine level higher to satiate those cravings.  DO NOT LIGHT UP THAT CIGARETTE!  Anytime you feel like lighting up, turn to your vaping mod instead.  It took you years to make smoking a habit, give yourself a few weeks of only vaping to make that habit stick!

I used a tobacco flavored e-liquid for the first few weeks of vaping to help me trick my brain into thinking I was still smoking.  It worked for me, but that may not be your thing.  This is why I think it's so important that vape shops offer small sample bottles of e-liquid.  A few places still do this! and are a few I know of.   Try the tobacco flavor and if it doesn't make you happy, try some different flavors.  It's about what YOU like and what helps you not to smoke.  I've met several new vapors that enjoy fruit or bakery e-liquids, again all about your personal tastes.

I don't want to see YOU become another victim of big tobacco!  I'm always available if you need help starting on this journey of vaping.  You can leave me a message on this blog post, find me on facebook ( or friend me on twitter @MichelleHughes_ I'm here to support you!  If I don't have the answers, I will personally find someone that does.  You've got this!  Stop making excuses and pick up that vape!!!!

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