Thursday, September 21, 2017

Higgy Pumpkin Pie Review

Okay.  It's fall which means it's time for my favorite flavor of the season, PUMPKIN Pie.  Today I'm reviewing HiggyCigs Pumpkin Pie at 50/50 Vg/Pg with 6 nic.  Holy Pumpkin Pie, they've hit this flavor right on the nose and I'm going to go grab it in a huge bottle because this is right on the money.  We got the pumpkin, the crust, and the whip cream with a subtle blend of pumpkin spice that doesn't take over the blend.  I feel like I'm eating pumpkin pie!  I'm so in love right now!  So yeah, I'm that girl, the one that goes insane over pumpkin anything in the fall, but that also makes me picky because I want the vape to taste like the real thing.  HiggyCigs knocks it out of the park and you've got a customer for life on this flavor!  If you want to pick it up, head over to HiggyCigs Pumpkin Pie and grab the biggest bottle you can get, I am!  This one comes in 0 to 24 nic and varying levels of VG, so get it how you want it.  I'm off to vape the entire bottles so see you on flipside!

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