Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hardware Review - SMOK TFV8 X Baby Brother

Smok knocks it out of the ballpark with the Baby Beast Brother.  Tired of leaky, top-fill tanks?  This is your answer.  I've used it for the last week and not a single leak.  The flavor is phenomenal and did I mention it DOESN'T leak?  This is the first top fill tank I've had without a leak, so I'm pretty excited to talk about it.  If you're into clouds, you can blow great ones, but as anyone who knows me, it's all about flavor on this end, and the Baby Beast Brother delivers!

This tank holds 4ml of liquid and has a sealed bottom (your airflow is at the top of the tank which is why it doesn't leak).  It comes in eight great colors, and I'll share a photo below of it on my Snowwolf Vfeng to show how it looks, which by the way, is pretty dang good!  There are resin tips available, I just left mine as is.  It's even compatible with the V8 stick mod.  Overall, this is just a great tank, that delivers on the failed promise so many others have had of a great top fill with no leaks.  This baby isn't leaking anything!

You can check it out on Smok's website for any specs I missed that you're curious about:  https://www.smoktech.com/atomizer/tfv8-x-baby   My opinion?  If you're looking for a great top-fill tank that doesn't leak, with great flavor, or cloud production, go pick it up.  It's a buy you won't regret!


  1. I love SMOK products- doesn’t matter to me if it’s top or bottom airflow- I don’t have much problem with leaking. But, yes I’d love to try the X-baby.

  2. I have been vaping for a couple of years now but I seem to buy ones that don't last.

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