Thursday, August 17, 2017

Why is my Mod Gurgling or Spitting?

You just bought this incredible new mod (e-cigarette) you put in the coil, load up the e-Juice and hot nasty juice is landing in your mouth or it's making this sound like a slurping soup eater.  What the heck is going on?  I had this problem with a new vaper a few weeks ago and turned to some folks for answers. Let's face it, nobody wants hot juice in their mouth or that annoying gurgle!  So what the heck is wrong?  There are a few things, according to those that know.

Some things that can be causing that, is a coil that wasn't put in properly, you are running your mod at a lower wattage than the coil likes, you've flooded the coil, or your drip tip needs to be wider.  Great. We know the reason all this is happening, how the heck do we fix it? Start with making sure your coil is in properly.  Next, make sure you are running your wattage at the right level for the coil you are using, this information is usually found on every box of coils you buy.  On the drip tip, if it's narrow, get a wider one.  So you've done all that and still, you have an issue?  Let's move on!

Screw off your tank and wipe down the 510 pin on the tank (that thing that sticks out from the bottom to fit onto your mod.  Take a cotton swab (with your mod powered off, please) and clean that out to make sure there is no e-liquid in there.  Now for the fun stuff.  Grab a paper towel, put it over your drip tip, turn the tank upside down and shake it toward the ground.  Keep repeating this step until there is no liquid on the paper towel coming out.  Put your tank back on your mod and try again.

Hopefully, this fixes the problem for you.  If not, contacting the manufacturer of the tank (or the local vape shop where you bought the thing if you didn't order online) and ask them for more ideas.  Some tanks just suck, I hate to say that, and like to leak.  It's always a good idea to look around for reviews on tanks before purchasing them.  Check out the video below from Indoor Smokers for a visual on a flooded tank.

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