Friday, August 18, 2017

Tobeco Supertank 25MM Review

UPDATE:  This thing is leaking like crazy now!

Before I get into my rant about my experience with unboxing this tank, let me say in the end it vapes great.  It delivers a great flavor and clouds.  With those positives, let me get into why I was angry when I opened this up.  First, you CANNOT, let me say this again CANNOT, have a package sent to someone without INSTRUCTIONS.  I've been vaping two years, so I knew how to do this, BUT new vapers won't know what to do and without instructions, they could literally be screwed if they can't find a video to figure it out.  

There are two coils included, one is 0.2 the other 0.5, again with no instructions how would I know what wattage to adjust my mod for?  For your information.  The 0.2 coil should be used at 40-100w and the 0.5 at 30-100w  I never got to try at the 0.2 coil that was included in the box and this video below will show why.  Please forgive the crappy video since it was taken on my phone in a fit of frustration! (The instruction booklet you see in this video was NOT for the tank but a mod I was reviewing).

As you can see from the above video it was going to take a superhuman to get that coil off to prime without using a pair of pliers, which I did use to get the 0.5 coil in after I ruined the 0.2 one.  I seriously almost tossed the thing because of frustration, I get a little impatient, but after getting the second coil in and putting it back together I calmed down enough to give it a chance.  Like I said above, it worked out to be a nice tank AFTER I got through the challenges with it. The flavor was really nice.
I'm not really sure how to rate this one because I don't want a beginner coming to this website and going out to pick one up after reading the review.  If there were instructions included I would give a more positive rating, and if I didn't have to use pliers to get the first coil out as well.  I'll leave my review at once I got it put together and filled it worked great.

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