Monday, August 14, 2017

Review of SMOK Vape Pen 22

This review is about the SMOK Vape Pen 22.  I picked this up as a fill in until my new mod came in and must admit it surprised me in a good way.  This little beauty delivers great flavor and clouds in a small package.  It charges by plug in, no batteries to replace.  After two hours of chain vaping on it, the flavor is still incredible.  It's a top fill, you simply screw off the top and fill it, and I haven't had any issue with hot juice spitting back!  It comes with a built in 1650 MAH battery, Two 0.3 Dual Core coils, Charging Cable, and a Vape Band.

This pen is very easy to put together.  Saturate your coil, screw it in, put the glass dome on and then your top.  The top easily screws off with great fill holes for your juice.  To power it on (or off) 5 quick clicks.  The two air holes on opposite sides, vent well.  I honestly can't think of one negative thing to say about the Smok Pen.  I find it to be a gem of a find, which is why I'm giving one away. Not mine, because I'm keeping it!

This one gets 5 Seals for greatness!

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