Sunday, August 6, 2017

Kick the Habit by Vaping

According to the CDC smoking causes 6 million deaths a year worldwide!  In the United States alone, 480,000 people die each year from smoking.  Vaping worked to help me kick a 20+ year smoking habit and return my lung capacity to normal ranges.  I can personally say that I stopped smoking by vaping, so you can kick the habit as well!

This website is geared toward adult smokers who are looking for an alternative to smoking.  The ideas here are my own and I can't make any health claims except what I listed above as my experience.  With that disclaimer out of the way, let's talk about how to start vaping.  With all the choices out there, it can get a little confusing when you're first considering making the switch.  I'm hoping these tips help and my email is always open if you need more help (authormichellehughes (at) gmail (dot) com so feel free to write if you need more help.

Let's talk about choosing the right equipment and E juice to help you get started on a path to being a non-smoker!  In the end this will be a personal decision for you, but hopefully this will get you headed in the right direction.

My favorite mods for beginners: 

Eleaf iStick 30w:  This holds a personal spot in my heart because it's the mod I started on.  This device is plugged in via a USB and there's no need to worry about changing batteries.  As you continue your vape journey you may discover you want to change out batteries, but after vaping for two years, I like having both types.  This mod is very easy to use and delivers exactly what a new vaper needs.  Discover more by clicking Eleaf here.

Joytech Cubis Tank:  Pair the iStick 30 with a Cubis tank for a great vape.  This tank is top fill which I love, and still use today.  You can find out more about this tank by clicking here.

Kanger Tech Evod Pro:  Another great product for the beginning vaper.  This product requires a battery.  A great vape for those new because it's mouth to lung and the tank is already included. This is another product that I've used personally so I can recommend it.  For more information click here

E Juice:  Before we talk about all the great flavors (which I obviously can't discuss all of them in this post) let's talk about what helps with a person transitioning from smoking to vaping.  This is going to be a matter of personal discretion so I can only tell you what worked for me and give opinions from what I've heard from other new vapers.

I was smoking 2 packs a day before vaping and knew the one thing I needed to keep me happy was nicotine.  I started with an E Juice that had 12 nic.  Some vapers need to start at 18 nic which is getting harder to find these days.  What I suggest is starting at 12 and if you find you are craving a cigarette up your nicotine level to the 18 until you get those urges under control.

As I continued to vape I was able to lower my nicotine levels.  Now I vape at 6 nic.  I chose a vape that was 50 PG and 50 VG.  The flavor that helped me kick my habit was Cowboy which reminded me somewhat of the cigarettes I used to smoke.  There are different companies that make Cowboy flavor and each one will be different.  I bought this at my local vape shop and they no longer sell it, so you'll have to look at reviews to find a product that works in that capacity. (try for review).  

Flavors:  When it comes to flavors for Ejuices there are so many that I could never review them all and it really depends on what you like.  I suggest Cowboy and RY4 for those just starting out because in my opinion, it's about tricking your mind to think you're still getting a cigarette.  What I can do is give you some of my favorite juice company links so you can make a decision yourself.

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