Monday, August 28, 2017

Review of Tarot Nano Kit by Vaporesso

Pick it up at Eight Vape

The Tarot Nano is a plug in battery model which makes it great for people not wanting to deal with buying or changing batteries.  It has the Omni board which allows for temp and wattage control.  One thing to remember when using the first time (which we had to find out the hard way) is to make sure your coil is tightened prior to use.  We discovered after the fact that this mod (and probably many others) come in thinking the user will take it apart and get to know it before vaping.  We had a leaking issue because the coil wasn't screwed in right, but was easily fixed when we knew what the issue was.

The cloud production and flavor with the tank is great.  Great hand fit, another small mod with a powerful output.  You can vape this one at 5 to 80w.  It has the Eco Universal Coil, you can see what that is here, that basically means you keep the metal sleeve and only replace the head (hence the reason for the link so you know what I'm talking about).  It's top fill, which makes it easier to fill. After our intial issue with tightening the coil, it's proven to be a great little setup. 

Review of Smok Priv V8 Starter Kit

Pick it up for $29.99 at Eight Vape

The little mod that could!  The Priv fits very nicely in the hand and runs off a singular 18650 battery. There is a USB plug in to charge the battery or you can use a replaceable battery charger. The tank is top fill (TFV8 Baby Beast Tank),  holds 3 mils of liquid, with a swivel hinge, and very easy to fill. It delivers great flavor and clouds.  This one is not adjustable and uses the 0.25ohm V8 Baby-M2 Dual Coil.  After a week of use, I haven't found any cons with this mod.  It is a basic mod without the frills while delivering a great vape.  As seen in the photo above, it comes in a wide range of colors.  If you're looking for something easy to use that looks nice, I think this mod will be perfect for you.  I included my real-life picture for reference.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Review of Dream Smoke - Crimson Cake

With a name like Crimson Cake, how could we not review it?   Thanks to the great folks at Dream Smoke for sending this one over.  Description from their website:  An adult cake bite (or pop). A rich vanilla cake center soaked in bourbon, and covered in a red raspberry butter cream. Finally topped off with roasted nuts, giving it horns just like the devil.  This was a really good flavor, I got the cake and raspberry cream, a slight nutty exhale.  Not overly sweet which would make it a great ADV (all day vape).  The bourbon I didn't get, which was fine with me because I'm not crazy about that flavor.  A very fitting name for a juice, I might add!  Of course we're a little partial to Crimson around here.

You can pick up your own bottle by following the links below. Please check out the other information listed to find out a little more about the company.  Definitely a keeper in our rotation.

You can visit Dream Smoke at :
Find them on Facebook:    
On Google:                        

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dough Boy by Abstrakt Vapor Company

Trying out Dough Boy by Abstrakt today and what a welcome surprise! I picked this up during their $1 for 120 ml sale (which was incredible). This is a smooth, sweet strawberry based vape with a creamy finish.  I love my sweets and this one hit the right points for me!  Described on the website as a delicately fried doughnut sandwiched around a layer of gooey strawberry jam, with vibrant notes of cream and brown sugar. “Don’t be JELLY”  And this juice lives up to that description.  I want to vape the bottle until it's gone so it gets a five star seal of approval!

Not sure if that sale is still going on but if you can get in on it, definitely do, if not it's worth a premium price because it's that good!

Other flavors include:

Loop Hole: Creamy and tangy mango peach rings, coated with just the right amount of sugar. It’s so accurate, you’d think we’ve found a loop hole.

Dime  Piece: Tantalizing strips of tangy strawberry and tart kiwi, tossed in a light layer of sugary goodness… a perfect “10.”

The Classic:  The ultimate in classic fruit combinations – subtle, sweet strawberries and natural, ripe bananas, blended into a light milk and cream base. It’s literally like vaping a smoothie.

Main Squeeze:  Robust Lemons, ripe strawberries, sweet tangerines, and our signature cream blend, mixed together to bring you an invigorating twist on a summertime original. “Your next summer love.”

Friday, August 18, 2017

Tobeco Supertank 25MM Review

UPDATE:  This thing is leaking like crazy now!

Before I get into my rant about my experience with unboxing this tank, let me say in the end it vapes great.  It delivers a great flavor and clouds.  With those positives, let me get into why I was angry when I opened this up.  First, you CANNOT, let me say this again CANNOT, have a package sent to someone without INSTRUCTIONS.  I've been vaping two years, so I knew how to do this, BUT new vapers won't know what to do and without instructions, they could literally be screwed if they can't find a video to figure it out.  

There are two coils included, one is 0.2 the other 0.5, again with no instructions how would I know what wattage to adjust my mod for?  For your information.  The 0.2 coil should be used at 40-100w and the 0.5 at 30-100w  I never got to try at the 0.2 coil that was included in the box and this video below will show why.  Please forgive the crappy video since it was taken on my phone in a fit of frustration! (The instruction booklet you see in this video was NOT for the tank but a mod I was reviewing).

As you can see from the above video it was going to take a superhuman to get that coil off to prime without using a pair of pliers, which I did use to get the 0.5 coil in after I ruined the 0.2 one.  I seriously almost tossed the thing because of frustration, I get a little impatient, but after getting the second coil in and putting it back together I calmed down enough to give it a chance.  Like I said above, it worked out to be a nice tank AFTER I got through the challenges with it. The flavor was really nice.
I'm not really sure how to rate this one because I don't want a beginner coming to this website and going out to pick one up after reading the review.  If there were instructions included I would give a more positive rating, and if I didn't have to use pliers to get the first coil out as well.  I'll leave my review at once I got it put together and filled it worked great.

Kangertech KBox 120w Review

I picked up the Kangertech Kbox 120 at Eight Vape for a steal at $14.99 and was very impressed. This is a great mod for a beginner and one that can grow with you as you want to increase your level of vaping.  You can adjust the wattage from 7-120 (For my review I did it at 30w)   The interface is very easy to work with making it great for a beginner.  This mod requires two 18650 batteries (you can pick those up at IMR please read about battery safety prior to using them).  

This is a really easy mod to use, fits nice in my hand, and I can't say anything negative about it.  It does exactly what it's supposed to do.  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Why is my Mod Gurgling or Spitting?

You just bought this incredible new mod (e-cigarette) you put in the coil, load up the e-Juice and hot nasty juice is landing in your mouth or it's making this sound like a slurping soup eater.  What the heck is going on?  I had this problem with a new vaper a few weeks ago and turned to some folks for answers. Let's face it, nobody wants hot juice in their mouth or that annoying gurgle!  So what the heck is wrong?  There are a few things, according to those that know.

Some things that can be causing that, is a coil that wasn't put in properly, you are running your mod at a lower wattage than the coil likes, you've flooded the coil, or your drip tip needs to be wider.  Great. We know the reason all this is happening, how the heck do we fix it? Start with making sure your coil is in properly.  Next, make sure you are running your wattage at the right level for the coil you are using, this information is usually found on every box of coils you buy.  On the drip tip, if it's narrow, get a wider one.  So you've done all that and still, you have an issue?  Let's move on!

Screw off your tank and wipe down the 510 pin on the tank (that thing that sticks out from the bottom to fit onto your mod.  Take a cotton swab (with your mod powered off, please) and clean that out to make sure there is no e-liquid in there.  Now for the fun stuff.  Grab a paper towel, put it over your drip tip, turn the tank upside down and shake it toward the ground.  Keep repeating this step until there is no liquid on the paper towel coming out.  Put your tank back on your mod and try again.

Hopefully, this fixes the problem for you.  If not, contacting the manufacturer of the tank (or the local vape shop where you bought the thing if you didn't order online) and ask them for more ideas.  Some tanks just suck, I hate to say that, and like to leak.  It's always a good idea to look around for reviews on tanks before purchasing them.  Check out the video below from Indoor Smokers for a visual on a flooded tank.

Vaping Ban in Thailand

By now most people have heard of the ban on vaping in Thailand, but what is it really about?  The law in place is about importing/exporting goods into Thailand that have not been taxed, from what information I've been able to get.  This law has been in place since 2014, so it's nothing new. According to the Phuket Gazette it could put you in a Thai Prison for 10 years.  Travel Weekly had a post citing where her nephew was fined. "I got a message from my sister saying James had been arrested in Thailand because he had an e-cigarette. He managed to pay the policeman, who had told him he could go to jail." The fine was $150.  Via this same article in Travel Weekly, this was said:  "A spokesman for the Tourism Authority of Thailand reiterated the UK government’s advice, warning tourists not to bring e-cigarettes into the country."

With all that being said, if you head over to Trip Advisor, there are several people who've recently traveled to Thailand and have had no issues with vaping, and comment that people are vaping in the street.  Travel agents are being asked to warn their clients about this vaping ban, which should be taken seriously.  I've researched for hours to find information to support or deny these claims, and what I've discovered is that it is illegal. As with traveling to any location, following the laws of the land seems like the smarter decision.  From every article I've read, it seems to be up to the police officer in charge if they enforce that law.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Oh Flavor, Where Art Thou?

You wake up one morning, pick up your favorite vape, and it tastes like you're eating dirt.  Okay, maybe it just doesn't taste like anything.  Slinging the bottle of juice across the room (really don't do that, you'll regret it later) you drive to the vape shop and ask them what kind of people they are, stealing the flavor from your juice in the middle of the night!  Before you get overly dramatic, take a breath, and relax.  It might be the thing most people hate, the dreaded vapor's tongue (or something else which we'll discuss in a minute) which is also known as olfactory fatigue.

Wait!  There's something wrong with my tongue.  No one told me my tongue would have issues from vaping.  Relax!  There's nothing wrong with your tongue.  Think of yourself as a wine connoisseur who professionally tastes wine, this is something they experience too.  Too much of a good thing can send your taste buds into sensory overload.  Vaping the same flavor all the time can bring about similar results.  It could also be more about smell than taste. What one can't smell they can't taste.  I can't make this stuff up (okay, I could but I wouldn't). You can read more about Human Olfactory Psychophysics if you'd like to get into the scientific aspect of it. There are other reasons you might have this problem of not tasting your juice, but this is the most common.

You can research more about the why on your own, let's talk about how to get rid of it.  If we go along with the smell theory, sniffing coffee is a trick they used at perfume counters once upon a time to refresh the sniffer. I don't know about you but I have no problem sniffing out my favorite java beans.  Brushing your tongue and teeth, obviously a no brainer.  Some people suck on a pickle and swear it works others eat salt and vinegar chips.  Lemons, heck try some strong antiseptic mouth wash too if you're impatient, or blow your nose really good.  Eventually (unless you have some medical reason for this problem that wasn't caused by vaping) those taste buds will be back and working like a champ.

There are ways to stop this problem from occurring.  Preventive measures. Don't vape the same juice consistently, keep a variety going.  Stay hydrated, that H20 really is a great help and your body will thank you for it too.  As with soda, soy sauce, drinking alcohol, asparagus, cured meats, coffee, bouillion cubes, popcorn, and fried foods, vaping can dehydrate you.  A few extra glasses or bottles of water a day can put that problem to rest for most people.

All that being said, it may not be vapors tongue at all! Recently I was vaping a great juice and noticed that the flavor wasn't as good as it normally was.  I'd received vape mail that day which included a new tank, and low and behold, the flavor that I thought was gone came in with a mighty roar!  It had nothing to do with vapors tongue and everything to do with a what I was vaping on!  Just as our tongue and nose get tired of the same thing over and over again, I discovered that my good old tank, even with a fresh coil, wasn't delivering the same great taste I fell in love with. Something to consider!

I hope this has helped solve the mystery of where the flavor went.  I'd love to read about your experiences, so please leave a comment below.  

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Priming Your Coil (AKA How not to taste burnt crappy eLiquid)

You've bought this great new tank that came pre-loaded with a coil and you're ready to enjoy the incredible flavor.  Throw some eLiquid in and vape away, right?  Wrong!  Priming your coil, or saturating it, is a must if you want to taste the flavor and not burnt cotton.  It's really easy to do and will give you a great taste (unless you've picked up an eLiquid that isn't good and in that case, it probably wouldn't matter anyway).  The good news is priming your coil is very easy!  Instead of reinventing the wheel, we're going to show you a video on youtube that explains it easily.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Review of SMOK Vape Pen 22

This review is about the SMOK Vape Pen 22.  I picked this up as a fill in until my new mod came in and must admit it surprised me in a good way.  This little beauty delivers great flavor and clouds in a small package.  It charges by plug in, no batteries to replace.  After two hours of chain vaping on it, the flavor is still incredible.  It's a top fill, you simply screw off the top and fill it, and I haven't had any issue with hot juice spitting back!  It comes with a built in 1650 MAH battery, Two 0.3 Dual Core coils, Charging Cable, and a Vape Band.

This pen is very easy to put together.  Saturate your coil, screw it in, put the glass dome on and then your top.  The top easily screws off with great fill holes for your juice.  To power it on (or off) 5 quick clicks.  The two air holes on opposite sides, vent well.  I honestly can't think of one negative thing to say about the Smok Pen.  I find it to be a gem of a find, which is why I'm giving one away. Not mine, because I'm keeping it!

This one gets 5 Seals for greatness!

My Vape Story - Learning to Breathe Again!

Why I Support Vaping

On August 7, 2015 my life was irrevocably changed.   On that morning I woke up unable to breathe, gasping for breath, and positive the end of my life was coming that day.  Two weeks prior to that date, there were noticeable changes that alerted me something was wrong.  I was beginning to aspirate food into my lungs every two or three days.  I was also having some extensive dental work done and all those things combined into one visit to the hospital that would make me rethink my life completely.

When I arrived at the hospital I couldn’t breathe, think of a fish being out of the water and you’ll get an idea of what it felt like trying to get any air into my lungs.  My blood pressure was severely elevated, my chest felt like I was having a heart attack, and I knew unless something happened immediately, my life was over.

Let me backtrack a little so you can understand what led up to this moment.  Thirty years ago I became a smoker.  It started with just sneaking cigarettes, I was only sixteen at the time, to a full blown habit where I was smoking a pack a day.  That escalated over the years to become a two pack a day habit, where I couldn’t wake up in the morning without reaching for a cigarette to function.  Coffee, cigarette, and waking up were synonymous.

In February of 2001, I began working as an OJT (on the job trained respiratory technician).  This was still legal in Alabama at that time.  I saw on a daily basis the devastating effects that smoking would take on my patients and desperately wanted to quit the habit.  I attempted everything available during those days to stop.  Nicotine patches, hypnosis, nicotine gum, and then went so far as asking for a prescription medication to help me stop smoking.  None of this worked.  Of course, I tried cold turkey but I wasn’t one of those people that had the ability to give up a lifelong habit that way.  For me, I was stuck smoking, there was no hope for me to ever quit.

On that horrible day in August 7, 2015, I was resting in that hospital bed as a patient instead of caregiver.  Some of the people taking care of me were former coworkers (I was laid off in 2008 due to cutbacks at the hospital).  Many of them still smoked themselves.  After breathing treatments, multiple tests, I was diagnosed with COPD.  No surprise to a person who’d worked in that field.  I was sent home with nicotine patches and knew from former experience my chance of succeeding were minimal.

As a mother to five children, allowing cigarettes to rob me of my opportunity to be a part of their life was unacceptable to me.  It was on that drive home from the hospital that I remembered seeing one of those strange electronic cigarette shops.  I’d bypassed that place a hundred times on my way to the grocery store and rolled my eyes.  Electronic cigarettes?  What a joke!  That was my thought. Suddenly the thought wasn’t funny anymore.  What if that was the key to me giving up smoking? Wasn’t it worth a shot?

I remembered a friend on social media that talked about vaping, and called her on my phone as I headed into the brick and mortar vape shop.  To say I had no idea what I was doing was an understatement, but she’d been doing this vaping thing for years.  I looked around this place, and okay, it reminded me of some of those crazy shops in Florida that stoners hung out at.  I’m sure you know the type of place I’m talking about.

They were blowing billowy clouds of vape and it took everything I had not to roll my eyes at the scene unfolding.  With my friend on the phone, I walked up to the counter and handed the woman behind the counter my cell.  This friend (who to this day I call my lifesaver), told the shop worker exactly what I needed.  I was shown how to use a device called an Eleaf i-Stick with twenty watts (don’t worry I had no idea what that meant either yet), a Kanger aerotank version two, coils for that tank, and a bottle of something labeled as cowboy liquid with a pg/vg ratio of 50/50.  I’ll get into what all that means in the next chapter.

I pulled in a draw from that tank skeptically and my eyes widened.  This was pretty close to those cigarettes I’d been smoking for the last thirty years as far as flavor, and I walked out of that store feeling like I just might have a shot at quitting with this nifty little setup in my hand.
I threw those nicotine patches in a cabinet once I returned home, and continued using my new electronic cigarette device.  I had purchased a nicotine level in my liquid that was 18mg.  The first thing I noticed was I didn’t have a craving to light up another cigarette.  This vaporized steam gave me everything I needed.  The sensation of having something in my hand, the oral sensation of pulling the steam into my mouth while releasing what looked like smoke as I exhaled, and the relief that I didn’t have to pretend some nicotine patch on my arm was going to take away the life-long habit I had of doing all those things.

Over the next two weeks I didn’t touch a real cigarette, even if I got a craving for one it was so miniscule it was easy to pick up my vaporizer (electronic cigarette) and put that need away.  In my opinion, those that try electronic cigarettes without adopting this method, have a harder time putting down real cigarettes for good.  Training your brain to see that electronic version as the real thing in the beginning is a huge plus.  For me smoking was a habit and an addiction, both of those things had to be altered for me to make vaping work.

Things I noticed along the way that changed for the better.  After two weeks, I could lay in my bed at night without coughing, I no longer needed an inhaler for shortness of breath, and I could walk around my house without getting dizzy or tired.  My taste and smell improved significantly.  I can’t begin to explain how incredible it is to taste foods properly again, of course something you wish you could mute, but knowing they are there is usually a good idea.  Fast forward to July of 2017 and my lung capacity according to the physicians Pulmonary Function Test, and my lungs are normal.  This is a personal testimony of how vaping worked to save my lungs.
What Are You Vaping?

What goes into an e-cigarette.  On the most basic level it’s propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavor, and nicotine.  What it’s not is 7,000 chemicals that are in the average cigarette.  According to the American Lung Association, 69 of those 7,000 chemicals can cause cancer and are poisonous.  Think about that for a moment.  Every time you pick up a cigarette you are pulling all those toxins into your lungs. The experts have noted that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.

With those facts in mind let’s break down the four ingredients in vaping so you can understand what you are vaping.  Propylene glycol is a clear liquid proven safe as a food additive by the FDA. It is also used in asthma inhalers and many other common household products you are probably already using.

Vegetable glycerin is a clear thick liquid that comes from plant oils.  This is where the production of what looks like smoke (but is steam/vapor) comes from when vaping.  The FDA has approved this as acceptable in foods like propylene glycol.

We’ve covered two of the four ingredients in an e-liquid used for vaping, but what about the other two?  Let’s talk flavors.  The flavor in e-liquids comes from ingredients already being used in many of the consumable products you have in your pantry.  They can have a base of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or alcohol.  The most common base is propylene glycol.  You’ll find these flavorings in soda, candy, and even coffee creamers.

The last ingredient in your e-liquid is nicotine and this topic is highly controversial between advocates for vaping and anti-vaping enthusiasts.  It is a stimulant and used in nicotine patches, and gums.  While this ingredient should not be available to children, as any vaping enthusiast will agree, it is effective in helping the smoker transition to vaping and the ration of nicotine can be decreased by the user or omitted all together over time.

That’s the bare bones of what you’re vaping with an e-cigarette.  Vaping is an alternative to smoking and cessation for adults.  There are already laws in place that restrict children and adults under the age of eighteen or in some states twenty-one in the United States.  As a legal adult, you should have the choice to decide if this is something that you want to use.  

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017

Broke MOFO E-Juice Review

This review is about Broke Mofo Ejuice.  These were purchased and not given for review.  I have to say I was very impressed after vaping these because I didn't know what to expect.  It's so nice to be pleasantly surprised.  All of the juices were 50/50 vg/pg and vaped at 21w in a Cubis Tank.

Chocolate Chip Cookie:  I got a great cookie flavor with this at the base with a smooth slight chocolate on the exhale.  It was exactly what it claimed to be.  Very smooth, enjoyable vape with just the right amount of sweetness for my taste buds.

Butter Pecan Ice Cream:  This was hands down my favorite juice and one I could easily put in my ADV (all day vape) rotation.  Smooth buttery sweetness with just the right amount of pecan.  Nice throat hit without being overpowering.  Being a 50/50 blend, obviously, it's not going to give huge clouds but the vapor production was great for me.  It was the first one I tried and I really wanted to vape the entire bottle before moving on.

Caramel:   A delicate blend of buttery caramel and sweetness.  Hit's the right notes so you know it's exactly what the name says, caramel.  Not overly sweet but balanced and like the others smooth.

Custard:  A very nice vanilla custard or vanilla pudding.  I'm not getting eggs in this, which some people will love and others will not.  For me personally, I enjoy both versions of custard and this was delightful to vape.  Again, not overly sweet and smooth.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

MT Baker Butterscotch Review

I picked this up at my local vape shop because I was in the mood for something sweet and this didn't disappoint.  It's a sweet butterscotch flavor reminiscent of Werther's Candy for me. I like 50/50 Vg/Pg so that's how I ordered it.  A very smooth and creamy vape.  I'm not sure what else I can say about this E-Juice, it's delicious and spot on to what it promises.  I didn't need to steep (put it away for a few days/weeks) but I also don't know how long this was on my shops shelf.  If you're a fan of butterscotch I can recommend picking this up for a great vape.  Purchase at Mt. Baker

Monday, August 7, 2017

FRYD Banana E Juice Review

I picked this up from my local vape shop on a recommendation to try it mixed with another juice I reviewed on this blog called Nilla Vapers.  Being the curious person I am, I had to vape it on its own before mixing it with the other juice and I'm really glad I did.  I'm a custard lover and this has a mix of custard and banana which I can only say is a delicious pairing.  It's a very smooth vape but the flavor shines through.  I get the sweetness, which is by no means overpowering, and the milky cream with just the right mix of undertones of other flavors (maybe caramel?).  If you're a fan of custard and banana's I'd recommend you give this a try.

Pick it up at the FRYD website

4 out of 5 seals of approval and it really should be a 4 1/2

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Kick the Habit by Vaping

According to the CDC smoking causes 6 million deaths a year worldwide!  In the United States alone, 480,000 people die each year from smoking.  Vaping worked to help me kick a 20+ year smoking habit and return my lung capacity to normal ranges.  I can personally say that I stopped smoking by vaping, so you can kick the habit as well!

This website is geared toward adult smokers who are looking for an alternative to smoking.  The ideas here are my own and I can't make any health claims except what I listed above as my experience.  With that disclaimer out of the way, let's talk about how to start vaping.  With all the choices out there, it can get a little confusing when you're first considering making the switch.  I'm hoping these tips help and my email is always open if you need more help (authormichellehughes (at) gmail (dot) com so feel free to write if you need more help.

Let's talk about choosing the right equipment and E juice to help you get started on a path to being a non-smoker!  In the end this will be a personal decision for you, but hopefully this will get you headed in the right direction.

My favorite mods for beginners: 

Eleaf iStick 30w:  This holds a personal spot in my heart because it's the mod I started on.  This device is plugged in via a USB and there's no need to worry about changing batteries.  As you continue your vape journey you may discover you want to change out batteries, but after vaping for two years, I like having both types.  This mod is very easy to use and delivers exactly what a new vaper needs.  Discover more by clicking Eleaf here.

Joytech Cubis Tank:  Pair the iStick 30 with a Cubis tank for a great vape.  This tank is top fill which I love, and still use today.  You can find out more about this tank by clicking here.

Kanger Tech Evod Pro:  Another great product for the beginning vaper.  This product requires a battery.  A great vape for those new because it's mouth to lung and the tank is already included. This is another product that I've used personally so I can recommend it.  For more information click here

E Juice:  Before we talk about all the great flavors (which I obviously can't discuss all of them in this post) let's talk about what helps with a person transitioning from smoking to vaping.  This is going to be a matter of personal discretion so I can only tell you what worked for me and give opinions from what I've heard from other new vapers.

I was smoking 2 packs a day before vaping and knew the one thing I needed to keep me happy was nicotine.  I started with an E Juice that had 12 nic.  Some vapers need to start at 18 nic which is getting harder to find these days.  What I suggest is starting at 12 and if you find you are craving a cigarette up your nicotine level to the 18 until you get those urges under control.

As I continued to vape I was able to lower my nicotine levels.  Now I vape at 6 nic.  I chose a vape that was 50 PG and 50 VG.  The flavor that helped me kick my habit was Cowboy which reminded me somewhat of the cigarettes I used to smoke.  There are different companies that make Cowboy flavor and each one will be different.  I bought this at my local vape shop and they no longer sell it, so you'll have to look at reviews to find a product that works in that capacity. (try for review).  

Flavors:  When it comes to flavors for Ejuices there are so many that I could never review them all and it really depends on what you like.  I suggest Cowboy and RY4 for those just starting out because in my opinion, it's about tricking your mind to think you're still getting a cigarette.  What I can do is give you some of my favorite juice company links so you can make a decision yourself.

Moo Milk - Vanilla Almond Milk Review

I honestly didn't think I was going to fall in love with this E juice, but I did.  I'm not even sure why I picked it up, but once I did I couldn't stop vaping it until the bottle was gone.  A delicious sweet milk with a slight nutty exhale.  It's a very smooth vape and delicious.  Not sure what else I can say, except give me more!  You can pick it up here:

4 out of 5 Stars

Deadly Sin Review

This was one of the first juices I tried when I started vaping and I absolutely fell in love with the flavor.  It's a mix between cinnamon buns, graham crackers, RY4 or who knows what but it tastes incredible.  Great inhale and exhale, very smooth vape.  You can pick it up at

Carousel Stache Vape

A great sweet custard with a hint of nuttiness on the exhale. I fell in love with this custard and added it to my ADV rotation.  You can pick it up here:

Review of Nilla Vapers Original

Holy Vanilla Wafers this was a great juice!  Whatever magic they used to create this juice they should receive an award for it.  This was a spot on Vanilla Wafer and milk flavor.  Love the packaging and it came with a gorilla bottle as an added bonus.  I have to say this is one of the best flavors I've had in a long time and I'm adding it to my must have vapes.  70/30 with a very smooth inhale and exhale.  I can't say enough positive things about this juice.  I picked this up at my local vape shop, but here's the website where you can purchase it:

Review of Joytech Cubox

Let's get some of the negatives out of the way about Joytech's Cubox. Out of the box, this starter kit was a pain in the backside to open. Lining up the arrows was a snap but popping it open?  I broke a nail. That's no small thing since I happen to like my nails! After finally getting it open, I loaded it with juice and then managed to get the coil saturated with E juice.  Filling the tank wasn't an issue but getting that flip top back on took a little practice.  The coil that came installed was burnt within minutes.  Needless to say, I wasn't a happy camper!

Now that the negative is out of the way, and after I took a little time to cool down before I tossed the thing out the window, it got better.  I replaced the coil with the second one in the box, and popping the top was much easier this time.  I filled it up with juice and adjusted the airflow and I have to say it was a nice enjoyable vape.  I'm a chain vaper and this lasted four hours on the first charge, so I have to give it a plus for that.

Then one day later?  The second coil was fried!  I'm sorry, but if I can't vape my favorites juices in it, what's the point?  This may very well work for 50/50 E juice (I didn't try it) but it's definitely not going to work for 70/30 which is what a majority of liquids are today. Sorry Joytech, I usually love your products but this one is an epic fail for me.

I could have overlooked not being able to control the wattage, because it's not a big deal for me.  Not having a replaceable battery was also okay since it held a charge.  What you can't fix is a coil that burns out that quickly.  This one needs to be taken into the backyard and put to sleep.

1 out of 5 Seals