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Monday, December 4, 2017

Vaping with Diabetes

As a diabetic, is it safe for me to vape?  I'm not a physician, nor do I claim to have all the answers on this subject, but I do have type II Diabetes and can offer my personal insight.    I have not noticed changes in my blood sugar from vaping.and I do regularly check my levels.   As a DIY mixer, I can personally say I've never seen a recipe that contained sugar and wouldn't vape it if it did, diabetic or not.  What most of the DIY community uses to create sweetness in their eliquid is sucralose,  which most diabetics are already familiar with because we use it as an alternative to sugar.  The other concern for diabetics would be Vegetable Glycerin but that concern, according to Science Direct is negligible. "Current evidence is limited but does not raise concerns about serious adverse effects from the use of glycerol in e-Cigarettes. The systematic absorption of glycerol appears to be reasonably safe."

As a former smoker, vaping is a smarter alternative for me, and I've seen no evidence to the contrary as a diabetic, or even for those that aren't diabetic.  I hope my insight into this topic has helped, and as always, I encourage you to do your own research.  You won't get the truth unless you take the time to research for yourself.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Vaping Could Save Millions of Lives!

And the vaping world gets great news from George Town University Medical Center and I wanted to share some of the findings from their research with our readers today!  Please note that this is taking from their findings, and you can read the entire research article by clicking on the link above.


"Up to 6.6 million cigarette smokers will live substantially longer if cigarette smoking is replaced by vaping over a ten-year period, calculates a research team led by investigators from Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. In all, cigarette smokers who switch to e-cigarettes could live 86.7 million more years with policies that encourage cigarette smokers to switch completely to e-cigarettes."

This study encourages people smoking to switch to vaping electronic cigarettes to improve their health.  It gives two scenarios and in both pessimistic and optimistic they state “Even the gloomiest analysis shows a significant gain in years of life if nicotine is obtained from vaping instead of much more deadly amount of toxicants inhaled with cigarette smoke.”

The National Institutes of Health funded the study, which involved scientists from multiple universities and research groups. No industry funds were used. The models used in the study were developed by Levy and co-authors Rafael Meza, PhD, from the University of Michigan and Theodore R. Holford, PhD, from Yale University. 

This is a huge boon for the vaping industry as a whole, and I personally wanted to share my thoughts on the positive vibe of the research and say that the facts are coming in.  Vaping is the answer to the millions of deaths caused by combustible cigarettes, and no matter what spin the fake news puts on vaping, they can't deny it's inherently safer than smoking.  Those are facts.  Not one scientific study has been able to prove that vaping is not a better choice for smokers.  They've spread fear mongering by saying eliquids contain formaldehyde and antifreeze, both proven false!  Lying and saying vaping causes Popcorn lung which is a blatant lie and not one single case of Popcorn Lung has been found in a vaper (or for that matter a smoker which by the way contains 100% more diacetyl than eliquid for the record).  

Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but I've found no reasonable explanation for the attempt of politicians, and health organizations to be so against vaping when they don't have one shred of proof that it is more dangerous than smoking, outside of lining their pockets with Big Tobacco money or pharmaceutical products like nicotine patches and failed cessation tools.  Follow the money behind the biggest opposers to vaping and you'll see a link to big tobacco or pharmaceutical products that they are backing.  It really is that simple, folks.  They don't care if you die as long as they don't lose money or the agenda they are pushing.  Sadly that's a fact!

I encourage you to check out the background of EVERY single politician or healthcare orginization that is against vaping and find the real truth.  It's sickening how they would rather destroy vaping on their lies then admit the solution to the smoking epidemic is turning these smokers to vaping.  Look to see who is paying them off, who they are affiliated with and if you find someone not making a profit from lying about vaping, I dare you to share it here because you aren't going to find one!  That's a fact.

Let me add my own personal fact to this article.  Diagnosed with COPD (lung capacity of 68%) in January of 2015 after smoking two packs of cigarettes a day for 25+ years.  June 2017 after years of vaping my lung capacity is 96% and my health has significantly improved.  I have proof from pulmonary function tests to back that up.  Where is there proof that it harms you?  Good luck finding it because all they have are lies that are being debunked every day.  As my granny used to say, use your head for something other than a pin cushion!  In other words, RESEARCH and don't let the lies continue. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Debunking the Lies about Vaping

Below are the most common lies spread about vaping by people with an ulterior motive or simply uneducated.  Let’s put these misconceptions to bed and uncover the truth about vaping myths and the charlatans trying to kill the smoking public.  Every fact here has been check and I will site sources so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Lie Number One - Vaping causes Popcorn Lung
There have been NO cases of Popcorn Lung in e-cigarette users, none.  This original myth was put out in 2016 after a Harvard Study did research about some flavors used in making e-liquid containing diacetyl.  Fake new stories began showing up everywhere using a picture of a man already proven to be from another source, not one concerning popcorn lung at all, in a hospital bed.  Further, in 2014 e-liquid companies had already began removing diacetyl from e-liquid manufacturing.  With all of that being said, there is NO proof of vaping causing Pop Corn Lung. Even in the older e-liquids that contained diacetyl, they contained a milligram of the percentage found in a real cigarette.  There have been no documented cases of Popcorn lung in either smokers, or vapers.  SNOPES FACT CHECK

Lie Number Two – E-liquids Contain Antifreeze
As a former respiratory technician, the minute I saw this pop up online I could only shake my head in disbelief.  I understood the desperation that big tobacco was going through losing money to the consumer solution of vaping to the problem they created, smoking, but the fear tactics trying to keep people smoking?  ABSOLUTELY FALSE!  E-liquids DO NOT contain Antifreeze! I mentioned being a respiratory tech because they used the fact that e-liquids contained propylene glycol as the excuse that e-liquids contained antifreeze.  Sorry, but we used propylene glycol in breathing treatments at our hospital and we weren’t making our patients breathe in antifreeze.  Debunked 100%.

Lie Number Three – Nicotine Causes Cancer
That is a blatant lie because nicotine is not a carcinogen (a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue).   Yes, nicotine can be addictive, but it is not capable of causing cancer, there have been numerous studies done on this.  Where this lie comes from is the tar in cigarettes has been proven to cause cancer but that is not present in e-liquid.  Medical News Today

Lie Number Four – Vaping is a Gateway for Teenage Smoking
I have to pause for just a minute here and shake my head again.  As a former smoker (25+ years diagnosed with COPD which is why I started vaping) I can tell you from personal experience, the taste and smell of a cigarette makes me sick to my stomach.  I do not believe that a teenager should have access to vaping products, or alcohol for that matter.  This is an adult solution to smoking cessation for me, and from every vaping enthusiast I’ve spoken to, they feel the same way.  What vaping won’t do is lead to them smoking, so let’s be honest here.  “Think about the children” the most common argument they use when they can’t come up with real evidence to put out about vaping.  As a mother of five, grandmother to two, I can tell you I’d rather my children pick up vaping than smoking any day of the week.  Hopefully they will do neither, but of the two I’d prefer they vape.  We already have laws in place to make sure children can’t buy vaping supplies, so this is the biggest misconception they use to regulate what has already been established.

Lie Number Five – Vaping is Just as Harmful as Smoking
A cigarette contains over 4,000 chemicals an e-liquid contains four.  Common sense tells you immediately that vaping is already safer than smoking by that one simple fact.   No matter what spin you put on it, even if you hate vaping and want to see it destroyed, those facts don’t lie.

Lie Number Six -  Second Hand Vape Is Just as Dangerous as Second Hand Smoke

The NCBI (Library of Medicine) completely debunked that myth and you can read the article which shows the scientific facts by following that link.  To summarize that report here’s the last sentence “The study indicates no apparent risk to human health from e-cigarette emissions based on the compounds analyzed.” 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Battery Safety

When it comes to battery safety, this is not a topic we take lightly at Vaping Crimson.  Contrary to what the media likes to tell you, injuries you've seen connected to vaping were from user error.  It's VERY important to know how to maintain and understand how to use batteries correctly and to use a regulated device that knows when the power source is sufficient or overloading a device.  Don't use mechanical mods, yes we went there, there are too many inexperienced users out there playing with things they don't understand.  At Vaping Crimson we believe being safe is the number one concern for all people vaping, therefore we do not suggest EVER using a non-regulated mod.  I won't apologize for that stance so if it's against your opinion, that's your choice, not ours.

With that opinion out of the way, how can you make sure that your batteries are safe to use, charged correctly, and rested enough to put into your REGULATED device?   First, make sure you buy your batteries from a reputable source, we prefer IMR for that.   Make sure you read the manual for your device and understand what type of battery it needs.  Inspect your batteries for any signs of wear and tear and if you notice small tears, DO NOT USE that battery until you have changed the battery wrap or purchased a new set.  Period!  End of story. 

Allow your batteries to charge fully then rest (do not use them) for eight hours after charging.  Yes, you will need extra batteries on hand to do this, and yes it is worth it.  A fresh, fully charged battery, is a source of power, that power needs time to rest before placing it inside your regulated device.  Mark your batteries immediately after bringing them home if your device takes two (or more) and keep those same two batteries together for every use.  By marking, I do not mean tear them, I mean use a sharpie to write a number on them that goes with the other one.  They are now married and shall forever live together in battery matrimony.

Batteries should NEVER be kept outside of a case (unless they are inside your device).  A battery case will stop any shorts that may happen when put next to coins or other objects.  The last thing you want is loose batteries in your pocket, purse, or anywhere else, they ARE a power source and should be treated with respect to keep you safe.   DO NOT use batteries if they are hot!  Yes, batteries may get warm but should NEVER be hot. If your battery is hot, put it in a safe place where you can be sure if it vents it won't harm you, or anyone (thing) around you. 

Batteries HATE extreme temperatures.  Keep them away from cold or hot exposure.  If you wouldn't want your pet or child exposed to a certain temperature, then don't expose your battery to it. Batteries that have fallen on a hard surface need to be inspected for wear and tear.  If in doubt, replace!  Replace your batteries after one year or before if you notice them not charging like they did when new, or they are taking a longer time frame to charge.  Erring on the side of caution is always the smart idea when it comes to battery safety.

Working with batteries can be safe as long as you take the time to understand them.  Use these tips above and you'll have a better understanding of how to safely use batteries in your regulated device. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Dead Mans Hand Elixir Review

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5150 Psychosis Review

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Gypsy Eliquid Review

The eliquid from this review was sent to us by and you can purchase the entire Gypsy line at The gypsy line comes in 0-12 nic and 80/20.

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Introducing OneDrop Flavors

Vaping Crimson is proud to announce that we are officially a distributor for OneDrop Flavors, the new way to give your boring eliquid the boost of flavor you crave.  We've tested the flavors for realism, and were so impressed we decided to become involved.  These are the most realistic flavor enhancements we've tried!  Please visit our store at for more information. OneDrop Flavors is not an eliquid.  It is used to enhance the flavors (or add a different one completely) into eliquid that you already own.

It literally takes one drop in a 30ml bottle of eliquid to get the extrodinary flavor.  You can turn your favorite eliquids into a menthol or custard version, enhance the fruits or sweetness to your liking, the possibilities are endless.  As a very opinionated vaper, I won't put my name behind anything I don't believe in, this is a company that offers a great product and I fully support them.  If you've tried other flavor boosters before and been disappointed, you will find exactly what you wanted with OneDrop Flavors.  They are just that good!

To test these flavors, I used bottles of eliquid that had been put in my cabinets to give away because they didn't appeal to me.  Those bottles are now being vaped because I customized them to my taste buds.  That's what OneDrop flavors is all about.  These products are Kosher certified, based in propylene glycol, and contain no DIACETYL, ACETYL PROPIONYL, OR ACETOIN! These are the flavors currently offered.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hardware Review - SMOK TFV8 X Baby Brother

Smok knocks it out of the ballpark with the Baby Beast Brother.  Tired of leaky, top-fill tanks?  This is your answer.  I've used it for the last week and not a single leak.  The flavor is phenomenal and did I mention it DOESN'T leak?  This is the first top fill tank I've had without a leak, so I'm pretty excited to talk about it.  If you're into clouds, you can blow great ones, but as anyone who knows me, it's all about flavor on this end, and the Baby Beast Brother delivers!

This tank holds 4ml of liquid and has a sealed bottom (your airflow is at the top of the tank which is why it doesn't leak).  It comes in eight great colors, and I'll share a photo below of it on my Snowwolf Vfeng to show how it looks, which by the way, is pretty dang good!  There are resin tips available, I just left mine as is.  It's even compatible with the V8 stick mod.  Overall, this is just a great tank, that delivers on the failed promise so many others have had of a great top fill with no leaks.  This baby isn't leaking anything!

You can check it out on Smok's website for any specs I missed that you're curious about:   My opinion?  If you're looking for a great top-fill tank that doesn't leak, with great flavor, or cloud production, go pick it up.  It's a buy you won't regret!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Stop Making Excuses and Pick Up That Vape!

There's never going to be a better time to quit, than right now!  You know smoking is horrible for you.  If you can afford a carton of cigarettes, you can afford a new mod and e-liquid to get you started.  I hear these excuses all the time:  I've tried to quit with other things before, this will never work for me, I don't have the willpower to quit, it's too expensive to try vaping.  Those excuses will land you in an early grave eventually, so tell yourself right now I'm going to quit by vaping!  Once you have that firmly set in your mind, make it happen!

You don't need some fancy new mod to begin your journey.  Vape shops have to make a profit, but you can find your starter kit online, paying no more than you would for that carton of cigarettes you've been purchasing every week!  You owe it to yourself and those that love you, to be around for years to come, stop letting those cigarettes cost you your life because you deserve better!

The new starter kit from Aspire is $39.99 (tank and mod) it's the perfect setup for a beginner and affordable to boot!  If you can't afford that, then try the eLeaf Icare for $17.90 here that's a budget way to start vaping and leave those stinking cigarettes behind.  Pair either of those up with an e-liquid with a nicotine level that will meet your cravings, and the only thing not stopping you from smoking is you!

If you're serious about quitting, then this is the answer you've been waiting for!  I know because I smoked 30+ years and quit easily by vaping.  All those nights of coughing or days of not being able to walk up a flight of stairs from being out of breath can be behind you!  Do your lungs a favor, and make the switch.  Not only did I quit smoking, but so did my mother.  Every excuse in the world isn't going to help you kick that habit!  You have to make up your mind to do it and then take the next step.  I believe in you!  I believe in vaping!  It's time you put those cigarettes down for good and become an ex-smoker.

Both of the kits listed above are mouth to lung kits.  Basically, that means you pull the vapor into your mouth then into your lungs, which is going to be very familiar to you as a smoker.  I don't recommend sub ohm (pulling directly into your lungs) tanks for a beginner, and I believe that's why some new people fail at vaping.  I don't think you need to go out and spend a hundred dollars for a starter kit either.  Let's get you off the cigarettes and you can worry about getting fancy later!

The nicotine level you need to fulfill your cravings is going to vary.  Since we are using a mouth to lung tank we can start at higher nicotine levels and gradually work our way down later.  This is a guide, you'll soon be able to judge what your body needs.  For a heavy smoker (two packs a day or more) you may need to start at 18 or 24mg of nicotine in your liquid (check out because they still carry those levels of nicotine for new vapers) A pack a day smoker, you'd probably be fine with 12 mg of nicotine to begin with.  Half a pack a day smoker?  6 mg of nicotine.  This is a guideline only!  If you find yourself craving to light up, get a nicotine level higher to satiate those cravings.  DO NOT LIGHT UP THAT CIGARETTE!  Anytime you feel like lighting up, turn to your vaping mod instead.  It took you years to make smoking a habit, give yourself a few weeks of only vaping to make that habit stick!

I used a tobacco flavored e-liquid for the first few weeks of vaping to help me trick my brain into thinking I was still smoking.  It worked for me, but that may not be your thing.  This is why I think it's so important that vape shops offer small sample bottles of e-liquid.  A few places still do this! and are a few I know of.   Try the tobacco flavor and if it doesn't make you happy, try some different flavors.  It's about what YOU like and what helps you not to smoke.  I've met several new vapors that enjoy fruit or bakery e-liquids, again all about your personal tastes.

I don't want to see YOU become another victim of big tobacco!  I'm always available if you need help starting on this journey of vaping.  You can leave me a message on this blog post, find me on facebook ( or friend me on twitter @MichelleHughes_ I'm here to support you!  If I don't have the answers, I will personally find someone that does.  You've got this!  Stop making excuses and pick up that vape!!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Higgy Pumpkin Pie Review

Okay.  It's fall which means it's time for my favorite flavor of the season, PUMPKIN Pie.  Today I'm reviewing HiggyCigs Pumpkin Pie at 50/50 Vg/Pg with 6 nic.  Holy Pumpkin Pie, they've hit this flavor right on the nose and I'm going to go grab it in a huge bottle because this is right on the money.  We got the pumpkin, the crust, and the whip cream with a subtle blend of pumpkin spice that doesn't take over the blend.  I feel like I'm eating pumpkin pie!  I'm so in love right now!  So yeah, I'm that girl, the one that goes insane over pumpkin anything in the fall, but that also makes me picky because I want the vape to taste like the real thing.  HiggyCigs knocks it out of the park and you've got a customer for life on this flavor!  If you want to pick it up, head over to HiggyCigs Pumpkin Pie and grab the biggest bottle you can get, I am!  This one comes in 0 to 24 nic and varying levels of VG, so get it how you want it.  I'm off to vape the entire bottles so see you on flipside!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Black Note Tobacco Vaping Liquid

Top 3 Benefits of Vaping Real Tobacco E-Juice

Choosing to vape can be an easy decision. The tough part hits when it comes to choosing the perfect e-juice flavor. With thousands of e-cig liquid flavors on the market, your first inclination may be to go with a flavor you’ve long enjoyed, such as strawberry milkshake, chocolate malted, or even blueberry pancakes. But before you start vaping the same kind of flavors you usually eat, you may want to step back and consider real tobacco e-juice and e-cig liquid. Here’s why.

Doesn’t Taste Like Dessert

Strawberry, chocolate and blueberry are fine – for dessert. When you’re looking for an alternative to smoking tobacco, however, you may be better off sticking with something that tastes like, well, tobacco. You’ll find vaping with tobacco e-juice can more effectively sate the cravings for cigarettes – and provide an even better tobacco taste than cigarettes do.

That’s because real tobacco e-cig liquid often contains high-end tobacco and not the mishmash of tobacco remnants found in cigarettes. Tobacco e-juice also doesn’t come riddled with the more than 4,000 chemicals you inhale when you light up a cigarette. Authentic tobacco flavor is one of the reasons people say they’re reluctant to give up cigarettes, and real tobacco e-liquid can take care of that issue while providing a superior tobacco experience.

Contains Only Ingredients You Can Pronounce

The base ingredients in e-liquids are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), which contribute to the flavor, throat hit and vapor production. Opt for real tobacco e-juice and the list of chemical additives stops there. Real tobacco e-cig liquid relies on tobacco plant extract for its flavoring, which means it doesn’t need to include artificial flavors, colors and other additives you often find in synthetic vaping liquids.

In addition to providing a purer taste, the lack of copious chemical additives results in a cleaner hit on your vaping device. That means you’ll avoid that grimy gunk factor that results from a buildup of extra ingredients that like to clog up atomizers and coils.

Comes in Different Blends to Suit Your Taste

If you’re the type of vaper who likes to switch among a variety of flavors, real tobacco e-juice has you covered there, too. Several companies make naturally extracted tobacco e-liquid, and each company’s flavors are going to vary.

Land on a specific vaping liquid company you particularly adore, and you may likewise find it offers different tobacco blends to suit your taste in general, or even your taste of the day. Go for a blend that’s bright and airy, smoky and peppery, or nutty and earthy – all tastes derived from real tobacco.

Once you realize the benefits and remarkable taste real tobacco e-juice has to offer, your synthetic e-liquid flavors may seem a shade less delicious than they once did. And even if don’t want to give up your synthetic e-juice flavors entirely, you can always add real tobacco e-juice to your regular lineup as an extra-special treat.

Content Provided By:  Ethan Parsa

Discover more about Black Note Tobacco Vaping Liquid by visiting their websites.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Snowwolf VFeng Unboxing Review

This was my first video review and I missed a few key points, which is why I put the link above for the product description.  Like I said in the video, I'd been wanting this gorgeous mod from the first moment I saw it, and it didn't disappoint when it arrived in my hands.  I love this beautiful mod, and it's the second Snowwolf I've owned.  

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Interview with Halo

Who originally founded Halo?

Jeff Stamler and Jason “Jay” Del Giudice saw an opportunity while looking at online electronic cigarette forums, where many smokers went looking for guidance on what was then a very new product. Realizing both the future commercial and harm reduction potential of e-cigarettes, the two New Jersey entrepreneurs decided e-liquids would be their business. They opened in 2009.

What was the goal for Halo when the company was first formed?

There were very few rules in the early days of the vaping industry. Halo set out to establish industry standards — and with a high bar. The idea was to create a quality product that would be a better alternative for those who smoke traditional combustible tobacco cigarettes.

What changes has Halo undergone since its conception?

The company has grown from a foundation of two men working in a garage in New Jersey to a major international company selling in more than 90 countries. We have a headquarters in Trinity, Florida, and a 110,000-square-foot production and distribution facility in Gainesville, Florida. In 2015, we also opened our European headquarters in the Netherlands and offices in England.

How is Halo working to educate the public on the safety of vaping?

Our e-liquids have been independently lab tested, and we’ve always made those test results freely available to the public on our websites. These tests show our products to be free of the harmful ingredients some people associate with vaping.

Since our inception, we’ve continually sharpened our focus on saving the lives of smokers; that message is now at the core of everything we do. We want to help save a billion lives — the number of smokers in the world — and we’re going to do it by introducing smokers to a demonstrably less harmful product.

How did Halo come up with such great tasting e-liquid?

We start by sourcing all of our e-liquid ingredients exclusively from trusted domestic manufacturers. From there, testing, testing, and more testing help ensure that our e-liquids are both delicious and of the highest quality.

What does Halo offer the new vaper?

We give smokers who are looking to switch to vaping a number of enjoyable and flexible ways to do so. We have a variety of e-liquid flavors to suit all tastes, from tobaccos to menthols to fruits to desserts, as well as a range of vaping devices from novice-friendly cig-a-likes to more advanced hardware. With Halo, new vapers can closely recreate the smoking experience, or go in a completely different direction, depending upon their individual preferences.

Have the regulations the FDA set forth had an impact on Halo?  If so, how?

The most immediate impact they’ve had is to sharply limit how we may describe our product in our marketing materials. This has created the unfortunate consequence of making it more difficult to explain to cigarette smokers that our product can provide the same satisfaction they now enjoy with very few downsides — potentially inspiring them to give up that unquestionably harmful habit.

The premarket application process that the FDA originally laid out with an August 8, 2017 deadline has now been extended by five years. If allowed to stand, this requirement will create a tremendous financial and logistical burden on all vape product manufacturers, including Halo, and many companies may not survive.

What advice do you give to people trying to stop smoking by using Halo products?

We want people to remember that with their tobacco flavors (created with no actual tobacco content), nicotine, and hand-to-mouth component, our products have the potential to take many people off traditional tobacco cigarettes for good. Many, many people, including some who smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for more than 20 years, have seen positive results from making the switch to vaping.

What do you tell people that say vaping is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes?

Our e-liquids only have a few ingredients, and all are approved for human use. Cigarettes have thousands of chemicals. As Scott Gottlieb, Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration, said in July 2017, while nicotine is addictive, “it’s exposure to the harmful chemicals that cause disease.”

Where can people go to learn more about Halo?

More information about our company is available at, our consumer website, and, our corporate website.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Banana Slush by Fogworks - Review

Banana Slush by Fogworks - This one didn't cut it for me.  I didn't get the banana, what it tasted like was some form of Koolaid but I couldn't put my finger on which one.  80/20 juice and to be sure I wasn't missing some flavor it was tried at different watts and still, the flavor just wasn't there for me.  To be honest it tasted like vaping pure pg with sweetener added in.  I really hate giving such a bad review, but I will always be honest.  If I had to make a suggestion for this ejuice, it would be to go back to ground zero and start over.  I had to change the coil after testing this one, which always puts me in a bad frame of mind.  If you'd like to try this and form your own opinion (which I always suggest because different flavors for different people) visit:

Monday, September 11, 2017

5150 Review of Psychosis

I decided to hang out with Psychosis today from 5150 Eliquid.  It was a tasty afternoon enjoying the flavor of cheesecake and tangerine.  80/20 Blend which gave great cloud production, but if you know me it's not about clouds it's about the F-L-A-V-O-R and this was a great tasting juice.  The tangerine is not in your face citrus, it's a subtle smooth undertone which pairs really well with the creaminess of the cheesecake.  I don't know what they are doing in the 5150 lab but this is two for two, spot on deliciousness (look back at the Str8tJacket review).  The last orange cream liquid I tried gave me a sore throat, and I'll admit I went into vaping this one with a little trepidation, thankfully it was a fear based on nothing because this was smooth and easy.

My coils loved this one too after vaping on it all day and no gunking.  What I've found with this juice, as well as Str8tJacket is there is a sweetness but it's coming from the flavors not an additive, at least that's how I'm perceiving this.  This has a great mouthfeel, the flavors rest on your palate and makes your taste buds happy.  My normal problem with citrus or melon vapes didn't happen here, you can easily go to another flavor in a tank without the tangerine killing the new eliquid.  My final comment on Psychosis is that it's just what it claims to be a cheesecake and tangerine.  Simple.  Refined,  Elegant.  A true winner.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Review of 5150 STR8JACKET Premium E-liquid

Sweet, salty, butterscotch, creaminess comes through on a smooth inhale and exhale.  This was a delight to vape not overly sweet and the flavors meld together on your tongue giving out undertones of flavor that make you want to continue vaping.  I truly enjoyed the aged butterscotch flavor of this juice which is something I haven't found before in other butterscotch flavored juices.  The custard aspect of this is light giving precedent to the butterscotch and the slight saltiness that I was surprised that came through.  Their description of STR8JACKET - 80vg/20pg Oak barrel salted butterscotch custard cream - is spot on.  This has an incredible mouth feel while vaping and a very clean taste.  This is going into my ADV (all day vape) rotation.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Akuma by Modus Vapor - Review

A custard that should be exalted for its deliciousness! Max VG.  The description from the company states: Akuma E-Juice provides a traditional Vanilla Pastry vape juice that isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill custard vaping experience. Modus got their hands on a brilliant Luscious Cream Puff recipe and spent months transmuting the mouth-watering dessert pastry into a sinfully smooth e-Liquid for our new all day vaping pleasure. 

My take on Akuma is it's a great vanilla custard.  I don't get the pastry in this although I've read other reviews that said they did so perhaps they are vaping this at higher watts.  I vaped this at 40w with a fresh coil in a Tobeco super tank.  The sweet vanilla comes through and I get hints of caramel and/or butterscotch.  It's rich but not so rich that I couldn't make this an all day vape.  I think this one can give Killer Kustard a run for the money.  Great cloud production (even though that's not my thing) and awesome flavor.  My coil seems to be holding up, so the sweetness doesn't seem to be gunking them which is a huge plus.

Pick it up here for $16.95 for a 60 ml (If you catch this before the 8th of September you can take 20% off that with code: LABORDAYSALE

Deals and Steals of the Day!

$3.99 per 30 ml
Dolce Gelato brings to mind the Strawberry fields of Italy and hand-picked only the juiciest, mouth-watering Strawberries to create one of the smoothest sweet vapes on the market today. Blended Sicilian Lemons lend soothing undertones of creamy, citrus goodness, creating a succulent, full-bodied vape juice.
De La Creme flavor hails from France, the home of the world-famous Crème Brûlée. A scrumptious combination of rich Vanilla Custard topped off with caramelized Brown Sugar and a pinch of crunchy sliced almonds.
Maple Glaze is a road trip flavor that takes us to the great USA. Touted as the best of the best in the donut craze, Liquid Nation's Maple Glaze provides vapers with max flavor. Maple Glaze is a decadent take that blends fried donut with scrumptious strawberries and a maple glaze finish.
30ml Glass Dropper Bottle
Available in 0mg, 3mg & 6mg
VG/PG: 80/20 

Noisy Cricket Mod, another innovative design by Jay-Bo, is much fashionable in appearance. It looks more classic because of the aluminum alloy body and surface brushed treatment. In addition to the connection in series and high power output, the unique linkage set and ventilation holes design make it even more adaptable and popular. 

$9.99  Joyetech UNIMAX 25 AIO Starter Kit with 5ml Unimax 25 tank which features TFTA structure and newly constructed BFL coil heads supports Direct and Constant Voltage Output mode.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Crow Peak Vapor Review of Colonel Custard

When you've got a juice this good, who needs a fancy label?  I was surprised at the flavor of this juice because it doesn't scream out to you from the packaging.  This is one of the most delicious custard juices I've tried, and I decided to give them a review, hoping more people would find them.  At $9.99 for a 30ml bottle, this is an absolute steal!  You can pick up the 15 ml for $5.99  This is a 70/30 blend but it also comes in 50/50 and the nicotine level was 6 for me and ranges from 0-12.  The website lists this flavor as this: A strong custard mixture with hints of Graham Cracker and Vanilla I can definitely say that I got all of that and it wasn't an overly sweet juice either.  I was very impressed with the quality of this product and will order more to see if they stand up as good as this flavor did.

Transitioning from Smoking to Vaping

How can I kick the habit of smoking with vaping? We're so glad you asked! Vaping makes it easier to quit than other smoking cessation tools because you still have something going from hand to mouth and the vapor gives the illusion of smoking while not inhaling the 7,000 chemical found in a traditional cigarette. Adjusting nicotine levels to what you need to fight the initial craving then lowering in increments is a huge help. We do not recommend sub ohm tanks to new vapers. Mouth to lung (often shortened to MTL) gives a tighter draw mimicking the smoking habit you want to kick and in our opinion, it will help you transition easier.

We also believe that when you begin vaping, using a mod that plugs in is easier than learning battery safety. If you decide to go with a mod that has a battery please take time to educate yourself on how to properly use those . Our objective is to help you stop smoking, not to have the biggest clouds.

Making the transition to vaping requires convincing your mind that you're getting what you need from vaping and not that nasty cigarette. For the majority of long time smokers it's not just the addiction that keeps them smoking, but the habit. Sticking with vaping every time you crave a cigarette for those first few weeks is crucial to your success. Start out with a nicotine level comparable with what you were smoking. If you were a two pack a day red smoker than you may need a nicotine level of 18 to begin (don't worry you'll be able to take that down). A pack a day smoker might be able to start at a level of 12. And a light smoker could begin at 6. We suggest small sample bottles of e-liquid to begin with for this reason. Sometimes you need different nicotine levels in the beginning to get you over the hump. Finding e-liquid companies that offer 18 nic is getting harder each day with most companies moving to sub ohm tank juices. We'll list some below that haven't forgotten about the new vaper.

The difference between sub ohm and mouth to lung is a little confusing to people that aren't already vaping. To break it down, sub ohm means direct lung. You're pulling the vapor directly into your lungs when you vape. Mouth to lung means that you pull it into your mouth and then inhale. This is why we feel that it's easier to transition for a smoker when using mouth to lung, because that's how you smoked. While you can vape with a mouth to lung (MTL) tank with higher nicotine, doing so with a sub ohm tank is not recommended. Now that we've overloaded your brain, let's get down to the equipment. These are our suggestions for a great start up kit.

MTL (Mouth to lung tanks)

Aspire Nautilus there are four tanks included here and all of them were meant for the beginning vaper. There are other MTL tanks out there but I personally think the Nautilus mini is the absolute best tank for beginning vapers!

Mod (internal battery plug in)

Eleaf iStick 40w "iStick TC40W, an innovation of iStick series battery, adopts newly introduced technical element of temperature control. It will bring out a unique vaping experience without any dry hit by adjusting temperature setting. Despite the small size, it can reach 40W with large 2600mAh power capacity. Moreover, all stainless steel threads and elastic spring connector endow it with strong wear resistance. With temperature control function, less power and e-liquid consumption will also be a plus."

Ejuice with Higher Nicotine for beginners

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Dime Piece by Abstrakt Vape Company Review


Review of Dime Piece by Abstrakt Vape Company.  Vaped at 40w via tank.  The description of this juice:  Tantalizing strips of tangy strawberry and tart kiwi, tossed in a light layer of sugary goodness… a perfect “10.” I definitely get the kiwi on this one and the sugary goodness, the strawberry a slight taste on the exhale.  This was a delicious vape for me and hit all my happy spots. I reviewed this one at 0 nic because I knew one of the Crimson Girls really loved the fruity flavors and didn't think I'd enjoy it.  I was wrong. I wish I'd bought it in 6 nic because I could easily vape this entire bottle.  You can pick it up on the Abstrakt website here:  Currently priced at 2 for 1 and $20 for a 120 mls.