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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Review of Dream Smoke - Crimson Cake

With a name like Crimson Cake, how could we not review it?   Thanks to the great folks at Dream Smoke for sending this one over.  Description from their website:  An adult cake bite (or pop). A rich vanilla cake center soaked in bourbon, and covered in a red raspberry butter cream. Finally topped off with roasted nuts, giving it horns just like the devil.  This was a really good flavor, I got the cake and raspberry cream, a slight nutty exhale.  Not overly sweet which would make it a great ADV (all day vape).  The bourbon I didn't get, which was fine with me because I'm not crazy about that flavor.  A very fitting name for a juice, I might add!  Of course we're a little partial to Crimson around here.

You can pick up your own bottle by following the links below. Please check out the other information listed to find out a little more about the company.  Definitely a keeper in our rotation.

You can visit Dream Smoke at :  https://dreamsmoke.com
Find them on Facebook:              https://www.facebook.com/DreamEcig
Pinterest:                                      https://www.pinterest.com/dreamsmoke/
On Google:                                  https://plus.google.com/u/0/102832361292402803697

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dough Boy by Abstrakt Vapor Company

Trying out Dough Boy by Abstrakt today and what a welcome surprise! I picked this up during their $1 for 120 ml sale (which was incredible). This is a smooth, sweet strawberry based vape with a creamy finish.  I love my sweets and this one hit the right points for me!  Described on the website as a delicately fried doughnut sandwiched around a layer of gooey strawberry jam, with vibrant notes of cream and brown sugar. “Don’t be JELLY”  And this juice lives up to that description.  I want to vape the bottle until it's gone so it gets a five star seal of approval!

Not sure if that sale is still going on but if you can get in on it, definitely do, if not it's worth a premium price because it's that good!  https://www.abstraktvapeco.com/

Other flavors include:

Loop Hole: Creamy and tangy mango peach rings, coated with just the right amount of sugar. It’s so accurate, you’d think we’ve found a loop hole.

Dime  Piece: Tantalizing strips of tangy strawberry and tart kiwi, tossed in a light layer of sugary goodness… a perfect “10.”

The Classic:  The ultimate in classic fruit combinations – subtle, sweet strawberries and natural, ripe bananas, blended into a light milk and cream base. It’s literally like vaping a smoothie.

Main Squeeze:  Robust Lemons, ripe strawberries, sweet tangerines, and our signature cream blend, mixed together to bring you an invigorating twist on a summertime original. “Your next summer love.”

Friday, August 18, 2017

Tobeco Supertank 25MM Review

Before I get into my rant about my experience with unboxing this tank, let me say in the end it vapes great.  It delivers a great flavor and clouds.  With those positives, let me get into why I was angry when I opened this up.  First, you CANNOT, let me say this again CANNOT, have a package sent to someone without INSTRUCTIONS.  I've been vaping two years, so I knew how to do this, BUT new vapers won't know what to do and without instructions, they could literally be screwed if they can't find a video to figure it out.  

There are two coils included, one is 0.2 the other 0.5, again with no instructions how would I know what wattage to adjust my mod for?  For your information.  The 0.2 coil should be used at 40-100w and the 0.5 at 30-100w  I never got to try at the 0.2 coil that was included in the box and this video below will show why.  Please forgive the crappy video since it was taken on my phone in a fit of frustration! (The instruction booklet you see in this video was NOT for the tank but a mod I was reviewing).

As you can see from the above video it was going to take a superhuman to get that coil off to prime without using a pair of pliers, which I did use to get the 0.5 coil in after I ruined the 0.2 one.  I seriously almost tossed the thing because of frustration, I get a little impatient, but after getting the second coil in and putting it back together I calmed down enough to give it a chance.  Like I said above, it worked out to be a nice tank AFTER I got through the challenges with it. The flavor was really nice.

I'm not really sure how to rate this one because I don't want a beginner coming to this website and going out to pick one up after reading the review.  If there were instructions included I would give a more positive rating, and if I didn't have to use pliers to get the first coil out as well.  I'll leave my review at once I got it put together and filled it worked great.

Kangertech KBox 120w Review

I picked up the Kangertech Kbox 120 at Eight Vape for a steal at $14.99 and was very impressed. This is a great mod for a beginner and one that can grow with you as you want to increase your level of vaping.  You can adjust the wattage from 7-120 (For my review I did it at 30w)   The interface is very easy to work with making it great for a beginner.  This mod requires two 18650 batteries (you can pick those up at IMR please read about battery safety prior to using them).  

This is a really easy mod to use, fits nice in my hand, and I can't say anything negative about it.  It does exactly what it's supposed to do.  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Why is my Mod Gurgling or Spitting?

You just bought this incredible new mod (e-cigarette) you put in the coil, load up the e-Juice and hot nasty juice is landing in your mouth or it's making this sound like a slurping soup eater.  What the heck is going on?  I had this problem with a new vaper a few weeks ago and turned to some folks for answers. Let's face it, nobody wants hot juice in their mouth or that annoying gurgle!  So what the heck is wrong?  There are a few things, according to those that know.

Some things that can be causing that, is a coil that wasn't put in properly, you are running your mod at a lower wattage than the coil likes, you've flooded the coil, or your drip tip needs to be wider.  Great. We know the reason all this is happening, how the heck do we fix it? Start with making sure your coil is in properly.  Next, make sure you are running your wattage at the right level for the coil you are using, this information is usually found on every box of coils you buy.  On the drip tip, if it's narrow, get a wider one.  So you've done all that and still, you have an issue?  Let's move on!

Screw off your tank and wipe down the 510 pin on the tank (that thing that sticks out from the bottom to fit onto your mod.  Take a cotton swab (with your mod powered off, please) and clean that out to make sure there is no e-liquid in there.  Now for the fun stuff.  Grab a paper towel, put it over your drip tip, turn the tank upside down and shake it toward the ground.  Keep repeating this step until there is no liquid on the paper towel coming out.  Put your tank back on your mod and try again.

Hopefully, this fixes the problem for you.  If not, contacting the manufacturer of the mod (or the local vape shop where you bought the thing if you didn't order online) and ask them for more ideas.  Some tanks just suck, I hate to say that, and like to leak.  It's always a good idea to look around for reviews on tanks before purchasing them.  Check out the video below from Indoor Smokers for a visual on a flooded tank.

Vaping Ban in Thailand

By now most people have heard of the ban on vaping in Thailand, but what is it really about?  The law in place is about importing/exporting goods into Thailand that have not been taxed, from what information I've been able to get.  This law has been in place since 2014, so it's nothing new. According to the Phuket Gazette it could put you in a Thai Prison for 10 years.  Travel Weekly had a post citing where her nephew was fined. "I got a message from my sister saying James had been arrested in Thailand because he had an e-cigarette. He managed to pay the policeman, who had told him he could go to jail." The fine was $150.  Via this same article in Travel Weekly, this was said:  "A spokesman for the Tourism Authority of Thailand reiterated the UK government’s advice, warning tourists not to bring e-cigarettes into the country."

With all that being said, if you head over to Trip Advisor, there are several people who've recently traveled to Thailand and have had no issues with vaping, and comment that people are vaping in the street.  Travel agents are being asked to warn their clients about this vaping ban, which should be taken seriously.  I've researched for hours to find information to support or deny these claims, and what I've discovered is that it is illegal. As with traveling to any location, following the laws of the land seems like the smarter decision.  From every article I've read, it seems to be up to the police officer in charge if they enforce that law.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Oh Flavor, Where Art Thou?

You wake up one morning, pick up your favorite vape, and it tastes like you're eating dirt.  Okay, maybe it just doesn't taste like anything.  Slinging the bottle of juice across the room (really don't do that, you'll regret it later) you drive to the vape shop and ask them what kind of people they are, stealing the flavor from your juice in the middle of the night!  Before you get overly dramatic, take a breath, and relax.  It might be the thing most people hate, the dreaded vapor's tongue (or something else which we'll discuss in a minute) which is also known as olfactory fatigue.

Wait!  There's something wrong with my tongue.  No one told me my tongue would have issues from vaping.  Relax!  There's nothing wrong with your tongue.  Think of yourself as a wine connoisseur who professionally tastes wine, this is something they experience too.  Too much of a good thing can send your taste buds into sensory overload.  Vaping the same flavor all the time can bring about similar results.  It could also be more about smell than taste. What one can't smell they can't taste.  I can't make this stuff up (okay, I could but I wouldn't). You can read more about Human Olfactory Psychophysics if you'd like to get into the scientific aspect of it. There are other reasons you might have this problem of not tasting your juice, but this is the most common.

You can research more about the why on your own, let's talk about how to get rid of it.  If we go along with the smell theory, sniffing coffee is a trick they used at perfume counters once upon a time to refresh the sniffer. I don't know about you but I have no problem sniffing out my favorite java beans.  Brushing your tongue and teeth, obviously a no brainer.  Some people suck on a pickle and swear it works others eat salt and vinegar chips.  Lemons, heck try some strong antiseptic mouth wash too if you're impatient, or blow your nose really good.  Eventually (unless you have some medical reason for this problem that wasn't caused by vaping) those taste buds will be back and working like a champ.

There are ways to stop this problem from occurring.  Preventive measures. Don't vape the same juice consistently, keep a variety going.  Stay hydrated, that H20 really is a great help and your body will thank you for it too.  As with soda, soy sauce, drinking alcohol, asparagus, cured meats, coffee, bouillion cubes, popcorn, and fried foods, vaping can dehydrate you.  A few extra glasses or bottles of water a day can put that problem to rest for most people.

All that being said, it may not be vapors tongue at all! Recently I was vaping a great juice and noticed that the flavor wasn't as good as it normally was.  I'd received vape mail that day which included a new tank, and low and behold, the flavor that I thought was gone came in with a mighty roar!  It had nothing to do with vapors tongue and everything to do with a what I was vaping on!  Just as our tongue and nose get tired of the same thing over and over again, I discovered that my good old tank, even with a fresh coil, wasn't delivering the same great taste I fell in love with. Something to consider!

I hope this has helped solve the mystery of where the flavor went.  I'd love to read about your experiences, so please leave a comment below.